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Cats: Health, Care, Grooming, Training, Cat Breeds

The gentle company of a cat is one of life’s great pleasures. A familiar rub against your leg, a low, rumbling purr of contentment, or a soft creature curled in your lap.

Cats are basically healthy animals if given proper care from the time they are born. Nevertheless, when you purchase a cat, you be sure that there are not any health problems. Before purchasing a cat, it is wise to read as much as you can about the breed you are considering. Talk with breeders, other owners, or veterinarians to ask for advice.

To prevent future health difficulties, it is essential to take your cat for a complete veterinary examination within a few days of purchase. Our purpose in the following pages is to provide you with as much information as needed to take care of your cat. At your right we have listed ten categories that will help you find this information.