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Cat Health

Many cat dieases and ailments aren't serious. Like people, cats are subject to several treatable maladies as well as health conditions that can be managed with medication. To help you evaluate the possibility of a serious problem, we have developed the following chart, rating common health problems in four categories: treatable ailments, manageable conditions, problems that can be corrected with surgery, and serious problems.

Body Malformations

  • Cleft palates: Corrected Surgery/Serious Problem
  • Face and head abnormalities: Serious Problem
  • Kinked tails: Corrected with Surgery
  • Malformed jaws: Serious Problem
  • Flattened chest (pectus excavatum): Manageable Condition/Serious Problem

Bone Problems

  • Crippling arthritis: Manageable Condition/Serious Problem
  • Spinal deformities (spina bifida): Serious Problem

Circulatory Problems

  • Anemia: Manageable Condition
  • Heart defects: Serious Problem
  • Cardiomypaphy: Serious Problem

Ears - Hearing Problems

  • Deafnes: Serious Problem

Eyes and Seeing Problems

  • Cataracs (rare): Manageable Condition
  • Clogged tear ducts: Manageable Condition/Surgery Corrected
  • Entropion: Corrected with Surgery
  • Glaucoma (rare): Manageable Condition/Serious Problem
  • Lens luxation: Corrected with Surgery
  • Malformed tear ducts: Corrected with Surgery
  • Ocular dermoids: Corrected with Surgery
  • Retinal dysplasia (rare): Serious Problem
  • Tearing problems: Manageable Condition/Surgery Corrected

Respiratory Problems

  • Breathing difficulties, short face: Manageable Condition/Serious Problem
  • Chronic sinus problems: Manageable Condition
  • Nasal obstruction: Serious Problem
  • Upper respiratory infections: Treatable Ailments

Skin Problems

  • Allergic skin disease: Manageable Condition
  • Alopecia: Manageable Condition
  • Bacterial skin disease (rare): Treatable Ailment/Manageable Condition
  • Cysts: Corrected with Surgery
  • Seborrhic skin disorder (rare): Serious Problem
  • Skin acne: Treatable Ailment

Other Health Problem

  • Urinary incontinence: Serious Problem