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Dog Health: Diseases, Symptoms and Treatments

Like human health problems, some dog diseases, injuries and physical ailments are serious while others are not. Fortunately, the vast majority of health problems that dogs commonly experience can be successfully treated with medications, physical therapy, surgery, or other types of medical treatments.

Unfortunately, since animals can’t talk, it’s often very difficult to detect what type health problems dogs may be experiencing. We have, however, compiled the following list of common healthcare problems to help you detect and better understand possible problems that could affect your dog’s health and overall wellness.

If your dog is showing any of the symptoms that we have described for the various diseases and physical abnormalities listed below, it’s very important that you take your dog to see its vet at the earliest possible time. Early treatment will not only greatly improve your dog’s chances for a quick and complete recovery, but it could very well save your dog’s life.

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»   Dog Addison’s Disease
»   Dog Anal Gland Problems
»   Dog Arthritis
»   Dog Asthma
»   Dog Beaver Fever
»   Dog Blastomycosis
»   Dog Bloody Diarrhea (Parvovirus)
»   Dog Bone Aches
»   Dog Bone Arthritis
»   Dog Bone Craniomandibular Osteopathy
»   Dog Bone Defects - Congenital
»   Dog Bone Hip Dysplasia
»   Dog Bone Kneecap Problems
»   Dog Bone Osteochondrosis
»   Dog Bone Tumors
»   Dog Bone Wobblers Syndrome
»   Dog Cancer
»   Dog Cognitive Dysfunction: Senility
»   Dog Constipation
»   Dog Coonhound Syndrome
»   Dog Cushing’s Disease
»   Dog Cuts and Wounds
»   Dog Demodectic Parasites (Mange)
»   Dog Diabetes Mellitus
»   Dog Diarrhea and Loose Stools
»   Dog Ear and Hearing Problems
»   Dog Ear Mites
»   Dog Eye Tearing
»   Dog Food Allergies
»   Dog Growing Aches and Pains
»   Dog Heart Murmurs
»   Dog Heartworm
»   Dog Heat Stroke
»   Dog Joint Pains
»   Dog Liver Disease
»   Dog Lupus Disease
»   Dog Meningitis
»   Dog Obesity
»   Dog Prostate Cancer
»   Dog Rabies
»   Dog Skin Allergies
»   Dog Skin Infections
»   Dog Skin Lumps and Bumps
»   Dog Stomach Reflux Problems
»   Dog Ticks and Lyme Disease
»   Dog Tremors
»   Dog Vomiting Blood
»   Dog Weight Problems