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Privacy Policy

Animal Hospitals USA has adopted this Privacy Policy because we firmly believe that our website visitors have the absolute right to maintain complete anonymity at all times while visiting our site. We do not, accordingly, make any attempt to collect any personal identity information from our site visitors, including their email addresses.

Furthermore, in our pursuit to protect the identity of our site visitors, we do not partner with any website operators who have not adopted a privacy policy which conforms to our privacy policy standards or to the standards developed by TRUSTe, a highly respected Internet “privacy trust certification” organization.

Email and Survey Information

Like other information resource websites, we frequently receive emails from people requesting information or asking questions about pet healthcare issues and other pet care related topics. We also conduct surveys from time to time that are sometimes returned to us as email attachments. In either case, we do not disclose any personal information, including email addresses, for any commercial purpose.

E-Commerce Partnerships

Animal Hospitals USA hosts and offers links to a number of online stores that sell prescription drugs, books, pet supplies, and other pet related merchandise. These stores typically collect information from their buyers such as the buyer’s name, credit card number and other buyer-seller transactional information.

While Animal Hospitals USA cannot assume any liability for any transactional breaches that could arise between its website visitors and merchant affiliates, we do not however, as we noted above, partner with websites that have not adopted a privacy policy which conforms to our privacy policy standards or to TRUSTe’s standards (See notation above).


Cookies are data text files that nearly all website operators use to evaluate their website’s traffic. Some website operators, however, use more sophisticated cookies that have the capability of collecting more detailed information about how visitors use their sites. As a mater of strict policy, Animal Hospitals USA confines its use of cookies for merely evaluating our site’s traffic, and never uses cookies to collect any personal information from our site visitors.