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Gerbil Feeding

Diet should consist of a gerbil pellet, gerbil seed mix, homemade seed mix or lab blocks.  These should be supplemented with fresh vegetables, and occasional insect treats such as meal worms.  It is recommended to feed a good variety of foods and leaving seed mixtures until completely eaten; otherwise some gerbils will pick out sunflower seeds and corn from seed mixtures, leaving the high protein, low fat seeds behind. Feed grain and seeds supplemented by pelleted food.

To keep your pet trim, use fatty sunflower seeds and peanuts only as a treat. Feed the gerbils only what they’ll eat at the time, although this can be difficult to ascertain since they will take much of their food and bury it around the cage. Gerbils enjoy fruits and vegetables: try pears, apples, carrots and lettuce. And supply some untreated wood for them to chew.