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Prairie Dog Health

Prairie dogs are extremely healthy and hardy. They don't even catch colds and little ailments the way cats and dogs sometimes do. They are also easy to keep parasite free. Just dust them with cat flea powder only if you have fleas in your house already. If you don't, the prairie dog is not going to get them. In captivity, it is common for prairie dogs to live to the age of 12.

Fractures: Limb fractures may need amputation. Prairie dogs will not tolerate bandages, casts or splints and will chew them and the affected leg to the point of self-amputation. Fractures that are set will take 3 to 6 weeks to heal. The prairie dog must be restrained during this healing period. Pelvic fractures are common in 3 to 9 month prairie dogs and will usually self-heal if the animal restrained in a container in which they cannot climb such as an aquarium or another type of container with smooth sides of restrictive height.